Alberto Ishida
Alberto Ishida





Exploring how a process can be used to make art. 


The Objective

I wanted to see if it was possible to apply structural elements of sociological research to the process of creating art. I started with the question of, how can I create form by just focusing on lines. 

The Outcome 

I developed an abstract aesthetic that I call Line work. These forms exist in state of familiar but strange, abstract yet concrete, which invite the viewer to enter into a state of personal contemplation and reflection. 



Design Structure.

I began this project by pulling elements from sociology research into my process structure. 




I put pencil to paper and started with simple stream of conscious scribbles. 



After reviewing the sketches I was attracted to a group of clustered lines. I decided to focus on recreating these lines using black ink. 



I applied this style and scaled up the form.